Reflecting On Completing The MOVE Online Programme

Hi, I’m Cat Reeson and I completed the MOVE Online Programme in September 2019.

I was diagnosed with Extranodal Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma in September 2018. I had intensive Chemoradiotherapy and went into remission in 2019. As a result of my treatment I suffered from chronic fatigue which is a large part of the reason I was so keen to be referred to MOVE Charity.

I started my 8-week course with MOVE in September 2019, a year after my initial diagnosis.

After my treatment, chronic fatigue was a big issue for me and I had lost a lot of mobility during my treatment in hospital, frequently relying on a wheelchair to get around. Because of this, it was a bit of a shock getting back into exercise but having the weekly reviews and catch ups helped me to stay motivated and work on areas of my body that had gotten significantly weaker.

The eight-week course gave me the time to start slow but build up to using small weights and I even joined a gym during my last few weeks; which is the first time I had ever joined a gym in my life! At the time I had also just started back for my third and final year at university in Contour Fashion and I was given the option to specialise in sportswear with external client GYMSHARK. Using MOVE as my inspiration, I decided to go for the sportswear project and achieved one of my highest grades I had ever achieved at university and had my sportswear, which I had designed and made myself, featured in a magazine which was an amazing achievement!

Since then, I kept on using the exercise videos and routines, that my MOVE trainer had made for me both at the gym and at home. Then during lockdown, when gyms closed, I started setting myself challenges that would keep me active and help me to feel as if I was accomplishing something and did long daily walks in my local area.

I think by taking this time to really invest in my physical health, my chronic fatigue finally started to improve, to the point that I could finally wake up before 1pm and not need a nap during the day. I find if I lapse in exercise then my fatigue can start showing signs again, but for me it’s been the best treatment for both my mental and physical well-being!

Thank you so much MOVE and Helen for helping me through and giving me the motivation to invest in daily exercise as a part of my routine.

Check out Cat’s Art and Design work on Instagram account @Catreeson, or follow her personal one @catty0403.

You can also read more about her cancer journey on her Facebook page: @findingmysenseoftumour