The Roc Tri: Race Report & Thank You

The biggest THANK YOU to The Roc tri who through their events this year have raised an incredible £1,785.70 for MOVE Charity!! Thank you so much to all those who took part in the races and contributed to this amazing amount!  This is the second year of our partnership with The ROC and we are so grateful for their continued support of MOVE! This money will go towards supporting and inspiring more and more people to Move Against Cancer.

Find out more about The Roc races HERE and about our charity partnership with them HERE. 

ROC Wales: James Warren 

James is one of our brilliant 5k Your Way Ambassadors for our Taunton group! 

“This weekend I was super lucky as I got to race 2 races ROC wales for Move Charity and also the HONC mountain bike sportive with my brother.

Thank you for everyone who sponsored me and if anyone feels generous after reading this your money goes to a very worthwhile charity supporting young people with cancer to stay active and would be really appreciated. Check out my fundraising page HERE.

So registration was on Friday and racing on Sunday, I gave myself loads of time to travel and pitch up as I knew post race was going to be a challenge to get away. The sun was shining the beach was packed with tourists and it looked perfect aside from the dead jellyfish but by bed time the clouds had drawn in the rain had come. However come race day and it was cloudy and blustery but dry for the start. Racking was great, I had a good chat with other triathletes and loads of banter and for the two next to me it was their first Tri!

The 1500m swim was an odd start as it was at low tide so the first 150m you could wade! Then there was a rip current which meant I did the next 500m in 7mins 30seconds or so and in my current swim state that was astounding. Then coming back was a challenge but I found some lovely toes and didn’t get stung at all!

So into T1 I jogged up and enjoyed the fact that for me the worst was over, onto a 50k bike split, relatively flat and just turning a gear looking at HR and power trying to remain controlled. Apart from some twist bits in a town the first 20 miles flew by, then the next 10 were into Snowdonia national park and past Beddgelert and bringing back lots of happy holiday memories. As per usual for me it was just an overtaking fest constantly passing people and up onto T2 in a farmers field.

Onto the first run – well let’s be honest walk up – run down. We had to take our phones so hence loads of pics, it’s a route I’ve done enough so thoroughly enjoyed. I walked up to keep the HR in check and had to keep dragging myself back from running thinking of my Sunday race. Still I dropped loads of racers – passed some racers and lots and lots of walkers. I joked with all the Marshall’s and had a blast – loving the selfie at the top. The run back was brutal – constantly concentrating and thinking hard, I felt like it was worse than the up!!

I got back to the valley and rather than pushing on I settled for cruise mode, dropping the average HR further. Just as I got into T3 I was joined by a chap in Kit Walker clothing and wondered if I would have some company but on the bike but alas not it was just lonely! No racers in sight and only cars around so looked at HR to keep it in check and the limited power I was now generating 30 watts down for the same HR….Halfway back, it started to feel like I was loosing circulation in my left foot, so whilst cruising I took my foot out my shoe, pulled off my sock and put the shoe back on, It felt better so I did the other too.

Got back into T4 and saw Helen Murray who gave me her place – grabbed the next pair of shoes and got a running onto the beach. The tide was now in and there were Jellies everywhere! So dodging the waves and the jellies it was a hard 500m out to the turn around – I clocked a man coming towards me a couple of minutes down but kept pushing hard to get back in safe. All done and almost all in the dry. What an epic adventure race and I would definitely recommend the series.”

The RUN SUP RUN event: Claire Butler 

A HUGE thank you to Claire who fundraised an AMAZING £740 FOR MOVE! WOW! Check out her fundraising page HERE.

“It was brilliant. Despite the wind and a bit of rain it ran smoothly and to plan and was brilliantly organised. The event staff were extremely helpful and although the event was just for fun and not serious competition, I was a bit nervous but the event team were lovely. (Especially Emma and Rhianne). I do hope the RUN SUP RUN becomes an annual event as it was great fun and there was a brilliant atmosphere at Abersoch Beach :-)”