Inspiring Stroies

A Parent’s Perspective

My son Ewan is 13, he loves music, pantos, castles and swimming. He loves chatting too, especially about the above subjects!

In May 2020, when he was 10 years old, he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. Since then, he’s been on the standard chemotherapy treatment plan of three and a half years, which finishes in September 2023.

Ewan has Asperger’s and ADHD so he struggles with any change to routine and can get anxious, so having to explain a lengthy stay in hospital was very difficult. As a parent, it was very overwhelming trying to digest all the information, not wanting to believe it’s really happening.

In terms of the side effects of treatment, Ewan has struggled in particular with the monthly doses of steroids. They have caused him to gain a lot of weight and develop low mood and anxiety. He’s also struggled with some muscle damage to his foot. We first heard about MOVE Charity through the Teenage Cancer Specialist at the Hospital. We needed something structured that he could do at his own pace.

The MOVE programme has had a positive impact on him. His mood has lifted when he realises he has completed an activity, he feels really proud and he looks forward to receiving the email from his Cancer Rehab Instructor Helen, each week.

It’s been great having some varied activities written down which are achievable. I don’t feel the pressure to get him out of the house if he’s not able and I’ve definitely benefited from doing the actives with him from a mental health point of view myself. Chatting it through with Helen each week has been lovely and been a boost.

We are so glad we found MOVE, it has really helped. It is a good starting point to get your child’s confidence back after a long cancer journey.